Why Pubg Is So Famous In India?

  • Why Pubg Is So Famous In India?

Why Pubg Is So Famous In India?

Hello and Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India. In This Post We Are Going To Talk About Pubg Mobile And The Reasons Of Its Popularity. So Without Wasting Any Single Second Let’s Get Started.

What Is Pubg Mobile?

Why Pubg Is So Famous In India

Pubg (Player Unknown Battle Ground) Mobile Is An Battle Royal Game For Android Devices. In This Game, Total 100 players parachute onto a  island For Surviving and Killing There Enemies. There Are 25 Groups Of 4 Players. In This Game Players have to Found weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat There every Enemy players. In This Game, You Have To Do WhatEver You Can Do For Surviving! Because The Last Man Stands Won This Game. Pubg Mobile Is Not Just an Android Game! It Is A Demo Creation Of An Island For Checking Your Capacity Of Surviving. Inside Pubg Mobile, You Will See a Crystal Clear HD Graphics And Mind Blowing HD Audio. There Is A Map Of The Island, On Which You Will Parachute, For Finding The Proper Way. You Can Play Pubg Mobile With Your Lovely Friends And Relatives. The Pubg Mobile Provides You Live Chat Feature To Make Communication With Your Team/Squad Members. I Think This Basics Are Okay To Give You The Proper Answer Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India?

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Now let’s Jump On Our Main Topic Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India? Here Is The Most Worthy Reasons Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India

Why Pubg Is So Famous In India

  • Indian Mobile Market- As You Know, The Smartphone Market Of India Is Growing Rapidly. That Means, There Are Millions Of SmartPhone Users In India. All Of Them Plays At least One Game Daily or They Have At least One Android Game On There SmartPhone Because Who Don’t Likes Games!! In Short, The Large Number Of SmartPhone Users Of India Is Attracting On Western Culture And Now Maximum Of Them Are Game Addicted. Everyone Is Searching For The High Graphics Android Games And Pubg Mobile Is The Best Option For Them Due It’s Mind Blowing HD Graphics!
  • Cheap 4g Internet- After Arriving Of Jio 4g In India, India Becomes The Most Data Consuming Country On This World! Nowadays, Everyone Have A 4G Net Connectivity. Everyone Wants To Stay Tuned With The Latest Trend And This Reason Takes The Reason Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India. 
  • Low Budget- We All Know That India Is Under Development Country And Everyone Can’t Afford The Gaming PC For Playing Games But Everyone Haves a Greed Of Playing Latest And Most Popular Games! Pubg Mobile Did This Same! They Launched PC Like Graphic Game For Mobile And Gotted The Attention Of Large Number Of SmartPhone Users And This Reason Became Of The Reason of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India. 
  • Freemium- I Don’t Know That You Know or Not But I Know That We Indians doesn’t Likes To Spend Money On Games or Apps But We Can Do Anything For Showoff And for That, We Indians Doesn’t Cares About The Money! We Can Spend A Lot Of Money in In App Purchases. The Pubg Mobile Did This Same! They Are Providing Pubg Mobile At Free Of Cost But They Have Integrated Lots Of In App Purchases on This Game Like- Buying UC or Royal Elite Pass.
  • Advertisements- Since Our Childhood, We All Know That First Impression Is The Last Impression! Pubg Mobile Is Advertising There Game With Very Big Production Value! There Ads Are Also Mind Blowing As The Game Itself. You Can’t Stop Yourself to Downloading The Pubg Mobile If You Once Watch There Ad.
  • Online Streamers- Thousands Of Indian Streamers Are Streaming Pubg Mobile Every Time! The Main Thing To Focus Is Every Big Gaming YouTubers Are Playing Pubg Mobile With There Large Number Of Subscribers. YouTubers Are Playing Pubg Mobile For Stay Connected With There Audience But They Don’t Know That They Are Promoting Pubg Mobile Day And Night at Free Of Cost! We Indians Are Very Sensitive! We Founds Large Amount Of Happiness In Very Small Things Such As Playing and Live Voice Chatting With There Favourite YouTubers.

  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner- If You Ask To A Pubg Addicted Person Why Pubg Is So Famous In India Then I’m Giving You The Assurance To Receive This Answer WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Nowadays, Pubg Is Not only A Game! Its became a Platform To Showing Off! Nowadys, Everyone Is Talking Abouy How Many Chicken Dinners You Won Today 😂. But I want To Say, This Doesn’t Makes any Sence But Pubg’s  Developers Are Playing With The player’s Mind!

That’s All Guys. Hope You Liked Our Post Of Why Pubg Is So Famous In India. Thanks a lot For Reading This Complete Post. Thanku,

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