What Is Cloud Hosting?

What Is Cloud Hosting?

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Hello And Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of What Is Cloud Hosting. In This Post Of What Is Cloud Hosting, We Are Going To Talk About Cloud Hosting. So Without Wasting Our Precious Time, Let’s Get Started.

Guys, There Are Many Types Of Hostings Like Shared, Vps & Cloud. Cloud Hosting Is A Better Option For Your Website If You Have Large Traffic And You Want To Give A1 User Experience To Your Audience. What Is The First Thought Comes On Your Brain When Your Heard Cloud Hosting? I Think That Is Clouds. Don’t Think So Deeply because Cloud Hosting Is Not Storing Your Files On Clouds.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

Guys, Trust Me If You Have A Good Budget And You Want To Give Your Audience a Better User Experience Then You Should Use Cloud Hosting.


1. Speed- Cloud Hosting Provides You 5-10× Fast Speed Comparing To Shared Hosting. Cloud Hosting Is Like your Own Private Server, You Don’t Have To Share Your Resources With Anyone. That Means, All Resources Are Your Own And Your Website Will be Definitely Boost Up.

2. Security- Thus Your Cloud Hosting Is Hosting On Direct Your Provider’s Data Center so Your Files Are Secured Like There Own Data Center.

3. Many Servers- Cloud Hosting Is 100× Better Than Shared Hostings Because It Is Not Hosted On Only one Server! Cloud Hostings Are Hosted On Many Servers or Data Centers For Reaching to Your Audience from any Country.


Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely More popular over the past few years.


Have You Heard About “Divide and Rule” ? Cloud Hosting’s Concept Is Same “Divide And Rule”. The Required Resources of Your Website For maintaining your website are spread across more than one web server and Used On per There Usages.

Let’s Take A Example, Think Your Website Is Hosted On Indian Server, Then Your Website Will Load Faster On Indian Regions. What If Your Audience Is Coming From Different Country?? Your Website’s Loading Speed Will Definitely Decrease If Someone Is Coming From Different Countries Because Your Website’s Resources Are Stored On Indian Server!  But, In Case Of Cloud Hosting, Your Website’s Resources Are Stored On Different Country’s Servers. Doesn’t Matter From Where Your Traffic is coming! If You Are Cloud Hosting Then You Are Targeting Almost World Wide Users Which Is Great For Your Website’s Revenue!

There Are Various Types Of Cloud Hosting, Like:-

  • Public Cloud- public clouds are Using shared resources, They mostly excel in performance, but They are also most vulnerable to various attacks Because It Is A Public Cloud. Anyone Can Use/Access It!
  • Private Cloud- Private Cloud provides the same benefits Which Is Provided in Public Cloud, but Private Clouds use dedicated/private hardware.
  • Hybrid Cloud– Hybrid Cloud Is A Good Mixture Of Public and Private Cloud. Means, Hybrid cloud can be used to interact with customers(Like public Cloud),  while keeping their data secured through a private cloud(Like Private Cloud).
  • Community Cloud- Community cloud is a high level cloud hosting service. it is used to be shared between organizations with a common goal or that fit into a specific community

Cloud Hosting Is A Best Option If You Have Good Budget And You Are Going To Target World Wide Users! I’m Also Going To Buy Cloud Hosting but currently, I’m suffering From Very Tight Budget!

Hope You Will Like Our Post. Thanks For Reading…

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