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Thunkable vs Kodular online App Builder platform

Hi Guys, Today we will discuss kodular vs thunkable, if you don’t know about them then let’s know first thunkable and kodular.  Both are online app builder platform where anyone can build their apps, here no need to do coding. Both are popular in online app building, from these websites anyone can develop apps. But if you are a beginner, then first know which will be good for you. As we know we have Android studio, where we can build any apps, But coding is required there. But in Thunkable, Kodular platform no need to do coding. So, if you are a beginner then you should go with these platforms because you can develop your logic in an easy way.

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Main Difference Between Thunkable and Kodular

Here Thunkable and Kodular are almost the same but, Thunkable has some more varieties like Thunkable-X cross-platform. But Kodular is single with some of its basic features like Kodular IDE, Kodular shop etc. If we will talk about components then kodular has more components than Thunkable. Here in Components Kodular is fully filled with the latest components, and thunkable is trying to add them. This was our first point of discussion now time to switch on the 2nd point.

Ads are one of the primary vehicles for monetizing the apps and here the AdMob components tap into one of the largest mobile ad networks currently available to help app developers maximize revenue from their limited screen space and Our second point is related with the commission from monetizing components. Here we have too many monetizing components but famous is Admob. So, Thunkable only takes 5% of AdMob Revenue from apps built on Thunkable. And Kodular 5 to 20%.

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From this article, we got the answer of how much thunkable or Kodular (makeroid) deduct commission from the app. And here finally we got a big that is which will be good for us and my answer once again is if you want more components then use kodular otherwise you can go with both, every platform is good for beginners and every builder staff member is supportive also. So start Building your own apps, if your logic will be good then you can do anything. For today this is enough to know about Thunkable Kodular Online App builders. Now you can start and now you can develop apps. Thanks, I hope we will meet soon in the next article.





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