How To Grow On YouTube

How To Grow On YouTube

How To Grow On YouTube

How To Grow On YouTube

Hello and Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of How To Grow On YouTube. In This Post I’m Going To Tell You About Some Excellent Ideas To Grow Rapidly On YouTube. Many Of My Friends Are Going To Start There Own YouTube Channel But They Didn’t Know About How To Grow On YouTube. If You Are On Of Them Then Read This Article From Beginning To Ending.

What Is YouTube?

How To Grow On YouTube

YouTube is an Online Video Sharing Platform But Nowadays, YouTube Has Became One Of The Most Profitable Source Of Income. Millions Of YouTuber Are Earning A Lot From It. YouTube Also Helps Advertisers To Advertise There Ads On This Wonderful Platform. YouTube Is A Neat & Clean Platform. The Beauty Of YouTube Is, YouTube Pays There Creators For There Contents. YouTube Provides Fame With Money. I have Already Told You That There Are Millions Of Millionaire YouTuber On This Platform But Do You Know How They Become Famous And Also Millionaire? Let Me Answer, The Reason Of There Success Is There Hard Work With Smart Work!

Now, Let’s Come To The Point, How To Grow On YouTube. Guys, YouTube Is A Video Sharing Platform Where The Audience Decide About Your Career! That Means, If You Want To Grow On YouTube Then You Must Be Attract Your Audience. Here I Have Shared Some Excellent Tips To Attract Your Audience Easily.

How To Attract Our Audience?

Guys, I Have Already Told You That If You Want To Make Your Career On YouTube Then You Have To Attract Your Audience And Also You Have To Gain There Trust! Let’s Look At The Some Mazor Points Of Attracting Audience-

  • Voice Quality- Yes, Audience came To Your Channel/Video For Learning Something But If You Are Teaching Something In Very Poor Tonel Quality Then Nobody Will Come Back To Your Channel and Video. Try To Increase Your Tonel Quality Because Your Tonel Quality Is Only One Thing That Can Help To Your Audience For Better Understanding.
  • Video Quality- Wait, Video Quality Doesn’t Mean To Using DSLR Or Costly Setup! All You Need To Do Is, Record Your Video In Silence With Good Light. You Can Also Increase Your Video Quality With Good Editing Skills. Good Editing Skills Doesn’t Requires PC or Costly Machine! I have Seen Many Of Successful YouTubers Who Manage There Whole Channel With A Single Smart Phone.
  • Thumbnail- I don’t Know How But The Thumbnail Matters A Lot For Getting Views. As You know, First Impression Is The Last Impression! If Your Thumbnail Is More Attracting Then More of peoples will  Open and Watch Your Whole Video and The Max Number Of Viewers Cause Max Number Of Subscribers.
  • Title- Try To Use Some Attracting Video Titles For Your Videos. How Good Is Your Video Title Matters A Lot For Your Viewers And Also Subscribers.
  • SEO- You Should Do A Proper Video Seo For Increasing Ranking Factor. YouTube Has Provided Some Features For Doing Proper Video Seo But Many Publishers Don’t Look and Use These Things.
  • Social Media- Social Media Platforms Are Free Of Cost For Use. As You Know, We Can Share Our Any Personal and Professional things On Social Media Platforms Like Facebook , Instagram and Etc Etc.. On Facebook, We Have To Many Friends Who Always Show There View and Interest On Our Every Post! All I Want To Say You That Promote Your Video And Channel Here Because It Is A Very Large Platform As well as Free Of Cost.
  • Connectivity- Good Connectivity Is Always Required For Making a Good Relationship Between Anyone. You Should Always Give Respect To Your Audience And Always Make Sure That You Are Connected With Them As well as Because In YouTube, Your Audience are Only Judge! They Can Give A Very Powerful Boost If You Succeeded In Creating Good Connectivity With Them.
  • Activeness- You Must Be Active On Your Channel If Are On The Starting Age! You Should Upload at least One or Two Videos Daily At A Time. Make Sure That You And Your Audience Know about The Uploading Time/Routine. You Can Also Do Some Routine Live Stream To Stay Connected With Your Subscribers.
  • QnA- I Want To Suggest You That Do QnA Videos At least One A Weak. This Will Help You To Make Strong Relationship Between You And Your Subscribers. Your Subscribers Will Be Happy If You Take There Question In Your Audience Due To Human Pshycology.

That’s All Guys… I hope You May Liked Our This Post..


The Main Point We Learned From This Post Is, Your Audience Is Your God! If You Want Success On YouTube Then You Must Be Attract Your Audience. Attracting Audience Is not Quite Hard. I have Discussed All The Major Things Here.

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