How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website

How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website

Hello And Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website. On This Post, We Are Going To Discuss About The 100% Safe Ways Of Getting Free Traffic On Your Website Without Doing Proper SEO. So Without Wasting Any Single Second, Let’s Get Started):

Is It Possible To Get Traffic Without Proper SEO?

Guys, It Is 21st Century! And Everything Is Possible Nowadays. All You Need To Do Is “Smart Work”. There Are Tons Of Platform Where We Can Attract Audience/Traffic On Our Website And It Is 100% Safe As Well As Organic. Here, We Are Going To Discuss About Such of Them Platforms Where We Can Attract Audience/Traffic To Our Website. Let’s Jump To The Next Question,

Why I Should Read This Post?

Guys, I Know That Very Few Of New Bloggers Know About The SEO And It’s Strategy! As Well As, Some Blogger’s Niche Is Not Applicable For Doing SEO! Some Bloggers Are Working On Horoscope Niche Which Is Not Easy To Be Ranked! Let’s Jump To The Our Question, Guys At The Starting Stage Of A New Blogger, They Have No Idea About How To Get Organic Traffic To There Website! And They Starts Invalid/Illegal Ways To Drive Traffic On There Website Which Is Very Bad For There Website And There Career On Blogging Field! And This Is The Reason Of Writing This Article!

What Is The Profit Of Getting Traffic Without SEO?

Guys As We Know, Doing Proper SEO Is Not an Easy Job! The Competition Is Getting High Day By Day on Ranking Your/Our Website! There Are Lots Of Work To Do In Doing Proper SEO. If You Follow My This Article Then You Don’t Need To Do SEO as well as You Don’t Have To Do Finding Keywords, Writing Full SEO Optimized Article, Analyzing Your Competitors and Creating Backlinks! I Think This Is The Most Satisfying Answer Of Your’s Question.

Now Let’s Jump To The Our Main Topic Of How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website. 

Here Are Some Of The Working And Organic Way To Get Traffic On Your Website.

1) YouTube

How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website

Yes, YouTube! Guys, Maybe You Don’t Know That YouTube Is Second Largest Search Engine After The Google And After Seeing It’s Usages I’m Sure That One Day It Will Be The Largest Search Engine On This Word!

How To Get Traffic From YouTube?

Guys, All You Need To Do Is, Make Videos Related To Your Website’s Niche! Just Make Videos, Upload Them On YouTube And Ask Your Viewers To Check Your Website/Article From The Given Link. If Your Niche Is Related To ‘Downloading’ Then Congratulations! You Will Easily Get High Amount Of Organic Traffic From YouTube.

Benefits Of Using YouTube

Guys, Maybe You Know That We Can Also Earn Through YouTube Via Google AdSense! Just Think About It! We Can Earn Through Both YouTube And Website Via Google AdSense! Also, YouTube Will Give You The Fame Which Is Very Expensive To Earn! So, For What Are You Waiting? Just Go And Start Your YouTube Channel! It Is Totally Freeeeeeee):

2. Social Media

How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website

We Spends Hour-&-Hour On Social Media Platforms For Entertainment and Connecting Each Other! Nowadays, Social Media Platforms Have Become Part Of Our Daily Life and Our Life Looks Impossible Without It😂. Every and Any Time, Millions Of Users Are Use There Social Media Accounts.

How To Get Traffic From Social Media Platform?

Guys, Per Day We Upload Photos And Videos On Our Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram etc.. Also We Make Large Number Of Friends On It. We Can Add Our Website/Article’s Link With Our Every Uploads! Your Friends Will Definetly Click On That Link And Read Your Complete Article. Also You Can Message/Request To Your Friends For Check Your Website And Article. If You Have Good Budget Then You Can Run Paid Campaigns On Social Media Platforms Which Is Not Required.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Platforms

Guys, First Of All Social Media Platforms Are Free To Use And There Are No Limits To Share Our Links On That Platform! On Social Media Platforms, Any & Every Time Millions Of Users Use There Social Media Accounts And it Is Very Easy To Attract Them Without Paying Any Single Penny..

Bonus Tip:- Focus On The Trends Of Social Media And Share Your Posts Related To Those Trends. This Will Increase The Chance Of Attracting Large Amount Of Visitors To Our Website.

3) Quora

How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website

Quora Is a Question-&-answer Website/Platform where questions are Asked, Answered, Edited, And Organized by it’s Community of Large Amount Of Users In The Form Of Opinions. Every Minutes, Thousands Of New Questions Were Asked And Answered.

How To Get Traffic From Quora

Getting Traffic From Quora Is Not A Panic Job. Just Create an Account On It, Choose Categories Related To Your Website’s Niche, Find Questions On Which You Can Answer With An Article, Go And Answer Briefly And Ask Them To Check Your Article For More Detailed Answer! That’s All!!

Profit Of Using Quora

Quora Is One Of The Biggest Community Where Every Minute Thousands of question asked, answered, edited, and organized. It Is 100% Free And Legal To Get Traffic On Our Website. There Are No Restrictions On Giving Answers With Your Website’s Link. Quora Provides Lots Of Categories Which Help Us To Find Questions Related To Our Website’s Niche.

That’s All For Today Guys…. I hope You May Liked Our Post of How To Get Free Traffic On Our Website. Thanks For Reading Complete Post and Make Sure That You Have Pressed The Bell Icon For Receiving Instant Notification Of New Articles.


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