How To Get A Free SSL Certificate?

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate?

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate?

Hello And Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of How To Get A Free SSL Certificate. In This Post, We Are Going To Talk About SSL Certificate And How To Get It Free Of Cost. So Without Wasting Any Single Second, Let’s Get Started.

What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL Is The Least Form Of Secure Sockets Layer. It Is The Certificate Of Your Site’s Trust Level. It is an Internet Protocol to secure a data transfer between a user’s browser and the website they are going to visit. Using the normal HTTP protocol means that sensitive information can be abducted by hackers. This is where the SSL or HTTPS comes.

Do I Need It?

According To Google, SSL Certificate Is Recommended For Every Blog/Website. If You Are Running An Ecommerce Website or Selling Any Kind Of Product On Your Site Then an SSL Certificate Is Required To Collect Your User’s Sensitive Data Such As Credit Card Details. Also A Payment Gateway Required An SSL Certificate or Https For Giving You Payment Gateway Services!

If We Talk About Human’s Mantelity Then Users Are Attracting More On A Site Which Have A SSL Certificate Or Https! Because An SSL Certificate Left A Positive Impression, Of Your Site, On Users.

As We Know, Google Is A Very Large And Reputed Platform ThereFor Google Doesn’t Supports Any Kind Of Spam And It Will Never Rank Your Website On Google’s Search Result! If Your Users Are Google Chrome For Surfing Your Website Then Google Chrome Will Show That This Website Is Not Protected! And This Will Be The Reason Of High Bounce Rate On Your Website.

What Is The Price Of An SSL Certificate?

As We Know, SSL Certificate Maters A lot For Your Website! That Means It Will Be Costly For Us or Beginner Bloggers. If We Talk About Godaddy Then Godaddy Will Charge You Approx 75 USD Annually Which Is Really High! If You Want To Go With Any Other Providers Then It Will Cost Around 50-200 USD Annually! We Wants To Recommend Godaddy For Buying An SSL Certificate If You Have Big Budget. But But But, Here We Are For Know About How To Get A Free SSL Certificate. So, Let’s Jump To Our Main Point

Can We Get An SSL Certificate Free?

As We Know, A Paid SSL Certificate Is Very Expensive And Everybody Can’t Afford This But Luckily We Have Some Free SSL Providers Who Provides Free SSL Certificate To Us (Ummm Sounds Good). Also Lots Of Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers Are Providing Free SSL Certificates For Our Domains. Here We Will Discuss About The Cloudflare. Cloudflare Is One Of Best Free SSL Certificate Provider Also It Is Most Reliable In Comparing To Other Free SSL Certificate Providers.

How To Get A Free SSL Certificate From Cloudflare?

Here We Have Provided The Steps For Getting A Free SSL Certificate From Cloudflare. All You Need To Do Is Follow These Steps..

1. Signup- First Of All You Need To Signup On Cloudflare Which Is Very Easy And Not To Be Written Here. Let’s Jump To Next Step.

2. Domain Configuration- After Successful Signing Up On Cloudflare, You Need To Configure Your Domain For Next Step. All You Need To Configure Your Domain Is, Add your Website/Domain’s complete URL and click on Scan Button. After Clicking On It, CloudFlare will scan your website. When The Scan Complete, Click on ‘Continue Setup’. Let’s Jump To The 3rd Step-

3. Configure DNS Records- After the SuccesFul scan, you will see an orange cloud next to your main domain. That means the configuration is correct. Mail and FTP are bypassed by cloudflare and should show grey clouds.

4. Select Plan- When You Successfully Configured Your DNS Record, You Will Ask For Choosing Then Plan. Since We Are Talking About How To Get A Free SSL Certificate So You Should Choose The Free Plan And Click On The Continue Button.

5. NameServers- After Choosing The Plan, You Have To Update Your Name servers With Cloudflare’s Provided NameServers. You Can Update It Through The Control Panel Of Your Domain Name Provider Also It Is Very Easy To Do.

6. Setup A Free SSL- While your nameservers are being setup, you’ll be able to get to SSL configuration. Scroll all the way down to Settings outline and you’ll see SSL: Full. Click on Full and you’ll be directed to the ‘Crypto’ page. Next, to the SSL choice, there’s a dropdown list. choose ‘Flexible’ from there. The SSL certificate are going to be issued in AN hour more or less. you’ll be able to check the standing from the ‘Crypto’ page once it’s issued.

7. Redirect Your Traffic To Https- The Is The Last Step Of How To Get A Free SSL Certificate. On This Step, You will be setting up a page rule to redirect all traffic of your website to HTTPS or Secured Version Of Your Website.

From the web site’s View, click on Page Rules from Top of the page. currently we’d like to feature a handful of rules here. You need to feature* and* singly, and for every of those address patterns choose ‘Always Use HTTPS’. One issue to notice here is that this feature can solely be accessible once the SSL certificate is issued. The configuration can take some minutes to travel through. Once done, you’ll be able to then open any page on your web site, and it’ll open on HTTPS.

That’s all For Today Guys. I Hope You May Liked Our Post Of How To Get A Free A SSL Certificate. If You Have Any Doubt On This Then The Whole Comment Section Is Your! Just Drop Your Comment Down And We Will Try Our Best To Solve Your Doubt.

Thanku, Have A Nice Day:)

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