How to develop mobile app for free without coding in just 5 minutes

app development in easy way

Develop Mobile App without coding

Hey Guys, Today from this article we will learn about how to develop mobile app For any purpose without coding. Today I will introduce some online app builders, where anyone can develop professional apps. If you want to develop a mobile app, then now coding is not important because Now we have some online app builder platform. where we can develop apps without coding at free of cost. we can earn also from these platforms using monetization section. I will not take your time so, let’s know about the platforms that we have & how we can develop apps without coding.

Platforms for mobile app development!

Here we have too many platforms for app development, but in them, famous are Thunkable, Appybuilder & Kodular. Here we can develop a mobile app for free & without coding. Here we have to do just drag and drop & our app will be ready, But logic is important to develop Best and professional apps. Here your logic and creativity are important for best app, in this platform you can design apps. After designing part you have to complete your block section means what do you want from your app, then you have to click on Build apk button & your apk file means your app will be ready. Here I told you some simple steps, For more information visit these platforms or visit some youtube channels.

Develope mobile apps

After selecting any one platform!

if you selected anyone, then important thing is that you have to sign in first. Let you decide to develop apps on Kodular platform then the important thing is to sign in with your Google account. After successful login, you can get your dashboard to create your projects.

Develop mobile app

After getting the dashboard!

Now you can start your project means now you can create a new project. if you have already any project then you can import also means if you have source code means aia, then you can directly import your app aia here. you can download aia means source code from youtube also. But if you are new then create a new project, give your app name there and click on next after some time you will get a new dashboard. where you can get components and all the important things for app development. From these types of platform, if you have good logic and concept then you can develop the best professional apps.

Develope mobile app

Apps from these platforms!

Develop mobile app

I hope this article will help you to familiar with these app building platforms where you can build any types of apps. My recommendation is to visit walya express youtube channel for app building tutorials. For today this is enough to know about these platforms. Now you can start and now you can develop apps. Thanks, I hope we will meet soon in the next article.


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