How to be an Android App Developer in 2019

Android App Developer in 2019

Hi Guys, Now Mobile Apps are Famous and no one denying it. According to Google around billions of revenues generated via app ads. When you are helping companies to earn billions of dollars, you deserve a sum of it. In the case of app developers, the amount is large. So, In case of money in App development, you can earn a lot on the basis of your work.

For App Development

1. Choose platform

The platforms in the mobile app development are Android, iOS, and Windows. There are others too like Symbian and Blackberry but now no need to talk about these all because these are outdated. So, from my side, you can go for all the three main platforms, or you can choose one. And we can also say Windows apps are now not in the market. So, your first choice should iOS apps or Android apps.

2. After platform, training and education is important 

Now if You Choose your favorite platform then training and education in software development are required.
A Course in computer or software engineering is good for a beginner because it helps you get a sharp concept of designing, and programming. App development wants from you a strong hold on Basics. Here UI Designing, Programming & Marketing is very important. So You can learn these all things from a computer course.

After Specific Course

1. Practice

After Completion of your degree or a specific App Development course, Practice is important. If You want to show or grow your skills then practice is very important in App Development. If You want to be an Android App developer then programming on Android Studio is Important.

2. Projects

Now if You are working every day on your favorite platform then you should also start taking some App projects. If You will start taking projects then your App marketing side will be clear. You can get projects from Youtube ya any online websites.


Above all are the basic Points to be an App Developer. Now You can also think How to earn, If you are an App developer then you can earn from several things Like App Ads, Projects, Jobs and too many things are available for an App Developer. Nowadays Big companies, Businessman wants own App Developer. So, for an App Developer earning Scope is too much.

So, learn basics from online block coding builders like thunkable or Kodular if you want, but never forget to switch on Android studio, if you want to be a professional developer. For today this is enough to know about this topic. Now you can start and now you can develop apps. Thanks, I hope we will meet soon in the next article. I Hope this article will help You | For Programming language details you can check our other Blogs | Share Your Views through Comments.


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