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If you want a new game to play, Dragon City Mod apk is an extremely fun and exciting game to play. You get to create your own unlimited city using a huge map of Novasaltin and the surrounding area. There are many different types of buildings and power ups that can be purchased, which will turn the city into an even more powerful being.

Dragon City Mod Apk 11.3.1 Download

The city gets more powerful as you progress through the game and more dangerous as well, as you gain experience and level up.

Today we are going to provide you the Dragon City Mod Apk that comes with many exciting and mind blowing features.

So without wasting any more seconds, let’s get started with a quick overview:)

Table of Contents

Dragon City Game : Concept

The basic concept behind Dragon City is simple: basically, you are given a map, and within that map, you find many treasures and challenges. If you want to level up faster, you have to protect the city. When you are doing so, you need to make sure that there are enough citizens living in the city.

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This will ensure that they can defend the city against any threats and can even get involved in the war effort. Of course, if you attack the citizens of the city, you will cause more problems for them and they will become even more defensive.

What Is Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk is one of the very popular and most played games for the Android platforms. It is a multiplayer browser-action game where you take on the role of a powerful dragon master and bring justice to the people of Metropolis. The game has received great reviews so far.

What Is Dragon City Mod Apk

The game is a browser-action game where you use dragons to do battle. You can also use these dragons for transportation such as traveling from one location to another. The combat in the game is turn-based like the Final Fantasy series. There are four classes, you can choose to be when you begin the game. They are the mystic, warrior, thief, and knight.

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When you start playing, you have a small city consisting of a single block. As you earn money, the city grows, providing new buildings and features to expand your playing experience. As your city grows, so do the challenges that you will face, from defeating enemy soldiers to protecting the weak from attack.

If you enjoyed the original version of Dragon City, you will enjoy playing the Dragon City Mod as well. The basic action still exists, but now there are special abilities that will allow you to do special things.

Judging by the number of downloads that the city has, it appears to have a lot of fans. This may be due to the premise itself. You are hired by the dragon to rob his gold. The nature of the job requires that you learn to be stealthy, thus getting past guards undetected and stealing as much gold as possible in the shortest amount of time. There are many other aspects to the mod as well, and those who have played it seem to love it.

Download Dragon City Mod Apk v11.3.1

Dragon City Mod Apk v11.3.1 is something that everyone will love to play. The developers have included a powerful mod-kit that allows you to create your own city right from scratch. This package comes with the cityscape and all of the basic resources you need for a fully functioning city.

Download Dragon City Mod Apk v11.3.1

You can buy, build, and customize virtually anything in this city-building kit. Everything that was pre-installed is included as a premium add-on for purchase.

NameDragon City Mod Apk
ModUnlimited Money/Gems
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or Up

Dragon City Mod Apk Features

Dragon City is the latest flash game to hit the net. This time, producer Social Point has combined the best elements of many classic video games into one. Dragon City Online pits players against each other as they strive to earn money and buy upgrades for their city. Players can choose from several different races, each with its own special ability and weapons to use in battle.

We have modified this game with many mind blowing features which makes this game more interesting to play. Let’s have a look at the features of Dragon City Mod Apk.

#1 Unlimited Gems

If you have already played the Dragon City game then you will probably know that Gems are the most valuable and hard to acquire in-game resource. In the original apk, the only methods to earn gems are- winning combat matches, leveling up and opening chest from the events. These methods of earning gems require a lot of effort and time which can spoil your gaming experience.

However, you can purchase gems via spending real money on it. But, if you are downloading the mod of this game via our given link, then you will Unlimited Gems to utilize in game for free of cost.

#2 Unlimited Gold

Golds are the most used and general resource of this game. You can earn golds from the dragons of your habitat and also from the items that you sell like- dragon or dragon egg. Other ways to get more golds are- monday bonus, match winnings and tournament winnings. 

Golds are also the very important resource of this game. If you are wondering to expand your city for buildings and habitat then you will require a lot of gold to do so. Earning this much gold will take lots of time and effort. But, if you are downloading the mod of this game via our given link, then you will Unlimited Golds to utilize in game for free of cost.

#3 All Dragons Unlocked

I don’t think there will be an existence of this game without dragons. There are a lot of different dragons in this game. All these dragons are locked in the original version of Dragon City and can be unlocked via only purchasing them via gems or breeding them.

In Dragon City Mod Apk, all the dragons are already unlocked. That means, now you don’t need to purchase or breed them to unlock. 

#4 No Ads

The main motive of a game developer is to generate revenue from the game that he/she has developed. You will notice some annoying ads in the original dragon city game. But if you are using Dragon City Mod via our given link then you are never going to encounter any ad while your gaming experience.

How To Install Dragon City Mod Apk

Unlike most online games where the action is confined to a few fixed locations, Dragon City Mod Apk includes hundreds of locations all throughout the city of Dragon City.

How To Install Dragon City Mod Apk

Players can travel from town to town, taking on jobs and battling dragons along the way. Here are steps to follow if you want to Install this mod apk-

#1 Download Dragon City Mod Apk

First of all you need to download the apk file of Dragon City Mod. You can easily download it from the given link below or just follow this image to find out the download link. Now just tap on the download link and your download will begin shortly.

#2 Find Out The Downloaded File

After successfully downloading the apk file, Locate to your downloads directory and click on the Dragon City Mod Apk file to Install.

#3 Allow the Permission

After clicking on the Downloaded file of Dragon City Mod, it may ask to Allow Unknown Source Installation or Allow App Installs. If you have this kind of popup or screen on your phone then just follow this image otherwise skip to the next step.

#4 Install The App

Now you can see the installation screen with two buttons Cancel and Install. Tap on the Install Button to start installing Dragon City Mod on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Dragon City Mod Apk

Final Words

This is a game that is perfect for those who love adventure, horror, or thriller. There are so many things in the game that will give you hours of enjoyment. Dragon City Mod has been one of the biggest crowd pullers this week. If you have already played this game then must give a try to mod apk too. The Dragon City Mod Apk comes with unlimited gems, gold and all dragons unlocked.

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