Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019

Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019 , App Bazar

Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019

Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019

Hello and Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019. Guys, If You Wants To Earn Money Online Then You Should Read This Complete Post. This Post Can Help You A lot. There Are Many Ways To Earn Money Online But Very Few Of Them Are Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019. If You Are Really Interested On Generating Your Revenue Online Then Let’s Get Started With Our Excellent Post Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019.

Guys, This Year Is About To End! And You May Know That Changing Of an Year Changes To Many Things! Earning Money Online’s Way Is One Of Them. Nowadays, If You Search On YouTube Or Google Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019 Then Most Of The Posts/Videos Will Advice To You For Work On An App (Task Apps). Guys, Trust Me! Maximum Of Those Earning Apps Are Fraud or Spam! These Money Earning Apps Will Give You Some Tasks For Earning Money. That Tasks Will Force You To Click On There Ads For Earning Money Online. Which Is Completely Avoiding The Policy Of Google Admob! In Most Of Cases, Developer’s Google Admob Account Will Disabled And You Wouldn’t Receive Any Single Penny From The Developer! So, Don’t Waste Your Precious Time On These Stupid Task Related Earning Apps.

In This Post I’m Going To Tell You The Best Way Of Earn Money Online In 2019. Which Is Totally Different From Everyone. Guys, If You Work On This Idea Then Trust Me, You Can Earn A lot!

Let’s Jump On Our Best Way To Earn Money Online 2019. ):

Guys, If You Wants To Earn Money Online Then You Should Start Your Own Website! Yes, I’m Talking About Blogging! Blogging Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019. It Is Not Only For Earning Money! Blogging Can Give You Money With Fame.

How To Start?

It Is Not Difficult To Start A Website/Blog. You Can Easily Develope Your Own Website Within an Hour. There Are Many Videos on YouTube and Many Articles On Google. You Can Watch or Read Some Of Them.

Why Blogging?

The Reason Of Choosing Blogging Is Its Bright Future! Blogging Have A Bright Future, It May Take Your Some Times But It Can Give You A Lot of Things Including Fame And Money. You Can Start Blogging With a Very Little Investment. All You Need To Buy A Domain name and a Hosting if You Wants To Host Your Site On Somewhere Else.

Best Platforms For Blogging

Guys, There Are Two Very Popular And Easiest Platform To Create Your Website, One Of Them Is Google’s Blogger And Another Is WordPress! If You Choose Blogger For Creating Your Own Website Then You Don’t Need To Buy Or Pay For Hosting. If You Choose WordPress Then You Need To Buy A Hosting or Pay For Hosting, But Stop, Don’t Show Your Impulsiveness To Choosing The Best Platform For Create Your Website. Let’s Now Why Choose Blogger or WordPress.

Why Blogger or WordPress

  • If You Choose Blogger Then You Don’t Need To Pay For a Hosting Package But You Are Going With WordPress Then You Needs to Pay For The Hosting.
  • If You Choose Blogger Then You Can’t Customize You Website According To Your Demand! But If You Are Going With WordPress Then It Is Very Easy To Customize Your Website According To Your Demand.
  • WordPress Provides To Many Excellent Free/Paid WordPress Themes According To Your Need But Blogger Provides Only Limited Number Of Themes Which Is Not Excellent/Master Piece.
  • The WordPress Provides You Too Many Plugins For Helping You In Any Situations but Blogger Doesn’t Provides Any Plugin.
  • WordPress Gives You No Limit That Means You Can Do Whatever You Want! You Can Develope Your Own Online Shop, Corporate, Portfolio and Etc From WordPress But Can’t From Blogger.
  • Customization Of WordPress Is Very Easy but Blogger’s Customization Is Not For Everyone.
  • You Can Create Your Website By Just Dragging and Dropping The Blocks If You Are Going With WordPress!
  • If You Wants To Attract Your Audience Then You Should Use WordPress!

After Choosing The Platform

After Choosing The Platform For Your Website, You Have To Write Posts On It. Don’t Copy From Someone’s Niche! Create Your Own Niche. Your Posts/Articles Will Help To You For Generating Your Revenue.

After Starting Writing Articles

Make Sure You Have Written Minimum 15 Posts for The Next Step. Just Write Above The 15 Posts On Your Website In Your Own Niche!

After Writing Posts

When You Complete Your Minimum 15 Posts, Then Just Apply For The AdSense’s Approval. Yes, I’m talking about Google AdSense!

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the Best Ad Network run by Google that allows publishers of the Google Network To Show Adsense’s Ads On Your site’s Content. Google AdSense Is Most Popular and Most Paying Ad network. There are millions of publishers who are generating to many Revenue from there content, with the help of Google AdSense.

Requirements Of AdSense

Guys, Requirements Of Google AdSense is not So Tough. All you Need To Do Is Approve Your AdSense Account. After Approving Your AdSense Account You Can put AdSense’s Ads On Your Articles And Start Generating Your Revenue.

How To Approve AdSense Account

Google AdSense Requires Some Major Requirements To Giving You The Approval. They Requires Minimum 15 Posts and Some Required Pages Of Your Website Like:- About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

After Following The Step Of Getting Approval, You Will Definetly Get The Approval Of AdSense And Start Generating Your Revenue.

Guys, Always Remember One Thing, AdSense Is Not Only One Way To Earn Money Online! There Are Various Ways To Earn Money Online. We Will Talk Briefly About The Other Ways To Earn Money Online On Our Next Post.

Hope You Will Like Our Post Of Best Way To Earn Money Online In 2019. Thanks For Reading. Have a nice day): Make Sure That You Have Pressed The Bell Icon For Never Missing Any New Article or Update!

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