How to Improve Your Android Apps UI

How To Improve UI Of An App

Hey Guys, Today in this article we will learn, How we can improve our App UI ( User Interface ). If You are an App Developer then Your Primary work is to create a Best UI for your Apps. If You are Developing Apps from Kodular or Thunkable then Creating the Best UI is important for everyone. So, today we will know about some apps and website via that we can give the best look to our Apps. You can also get Important Tips for Designing Great UI for Thunkable / Kodular Mobile Apps.

What is the UI?

At the most basic level, the user interface (UI) is a series of screens, pages, and visual elements – such as buttons and icons – that enable a person to interact with the product or service. Or we can say that the user can chat to use a digital product or service.

How to Build the Best UI Design for Android Apps

What is it that attracts the attention of the audience towards a mobile app? By the way, people can have different opinions on it; While some may prefer a specific feature-loaded mobile app, others may prefer a specially designed user interface and user experience.

If we talk normally, then the UI is given more value, as we know the brighter, the better!, so it is important to pay attention to the UI. If we make an app with thunkable or Kodular, then the first and most important thing is how we should make the Best Interface. Below are some Important Points For Every UI designer.

UI designers should pay attention to clarity

UI is adding one of the important aspects of designers to the fingertips of their toes, in the designing process. They seem worried about how the app will appear; Because their purpose is to establish relationships with the user.

How about applying a clear shape to the app? It is important if you want to increase brand awareness. The interface should not be bad or confusing, everything should be clear. Avoid adding the element of doubt and make the language easier. design should be as simple as possible.

Do not raise your app more with a bunch of unnecessary words. As far as the interface is concerned, it will not create a positive effect.

Use familiar buttons or call-to-actions

UI designers want to implement unique buttons and icons to design the interface. There is no harm in doing this, but you also need to remember that trying many things at the same time can hamper the design. Like color background etc. Some websites and apps for all of these

1.Adobe Photoshop Touch ( Best Editing App )

2.Material Color – Material Design Colors App

3.Graphics resources for everyone

Choose fancy size fonts

The font plays an important role in determining the fate of the interface whether it be a website or a mobile app. Therefore, UI designers have to adopt a clear stance when choosing a font for the app; In the case of both style and size Do not go for very stylish fonts that are difficult to understand.

Check WallMax App

Visit Developer Akshay Raj

For WallMax Aia & UI watch this Video.


Therefore, we have seen how UI Designers can create a terrific user interface design and can immediately grab the attention of mobile users. Mobile app design is easy but when you are implementing some extraordinary techniques, you are actually bringing a great product which is very useful for the audience. Saying that you should focus on simplicity by making the design attractive. Thank you, I hope we will meet soon in the next article.



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