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Live Subscriber Count App

Hi Guys, Today in this article we will learn about How to make live subscriber count Android app using Thunkable or Kodular¬†Platform. If You Don’t Know about Thunkable or Kodular Platform then read our previous articles. Here we will Use webview¬†& a website link via that we can create subscriber count App. Here You can make multiple Channel Subscriber compare app also.


How to Start

If You want to make Your own live youtube subscriber count App without Coding in 10 minutes. Then First open your favorite platform like Thunkable or Kodular. For more Information You can check this Video also. Now You can create a project on Thunkable or Kodular. After that, You can drag web-view component on Screen. In webview Component URL section. You have to use this website Url for Live subscribers details. If You want to add multiple channels then add multiple layouts with web-view on screen Like this Video. Here if you know about basics of thunkable or Kodular then You can create a Best Subscriber Count App with help of this website Url.

Now, I have an Aia & App Link for a demo Subscriber Count App. You can take the idea from them. For Live Subscriber Count App, You need only Basics of Thunkable and Kodular platform.

Here for Video help, Amit is here from only Genuine. A demo Live Subscriber App, Now too many apps are available on play store regarding Live subscriber count App, You can also check them. And a Kodular Aia File for Live Subscriber count App.

For More Information You should Check this Video. Now, I hope You Can make a Live subscriber Count App. Here from this given method, you can compare multiple channels also. Thank You, we will meet soon in the next article.

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