Be Aware From Spoofing Apps

Be Aware From Spoofing Apps

Be Aware From Spoofing Apps

Hello and Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post. In This post Of Be Aware From Spoofing Apps, I’m Going To Tell You An Incidence Which Happeneds With My Friend Last Night. Someone Was Trying To Spoofing Him With A Spoofing App! This Is My Responsibility To Aware my Audience From Spoofing and This Is The Main Reason why I’m writing This Article On Be Aware From Spoofing Apps. So Without Wasting Any Single Second Let’s Get Started..

What Is Caller ID Spoofing?

Guys, Caller ID Spoofing Is A Type Of A Hacking. In This Hacking/Spoofing Hackers or Spoofers Use Some Programs or Application For Indicating To The Telephone Network To Show The Different Caller Id or Different Mobile Number On The Receiver’s Phone. Which Is Really UnExpectable! Via Using Spoofing Programs or Application, Spoofers Change There Real Caller Id And Mobile Number To Anyone’s Caller ID or Phone Number. Nowadays, There Are Tons Of Spoofing Application On The Internet Which Is Not Good For Us Even There Are Hundreds Of Spoofing Apps On Play Store! Hundreds Of Peoples Spoofs Daily.

Spoofing Was Invented For Doing Prank On Our Friends or Relatives But Nowadays, This Is Became The Most Sucking Way To Cheat Someone! Last Night, Someone Call To My Friend From My Another Friend’s Caller ID and Mobile Number (Using Spoofing App) and He Asked For The Password Of His Website Which Is Very Annoying. My Friend Was About To Giving Him The Password But Suddenly He Focused On His Voice! Then He Realise That Someone Is Trying To Cheat Him. After That, He Hanged Up The Call And Told Me Everything Which Was Happened Last Night With Him!

Here Are The Some Spoofing App Which Was Invented For Doing Only Pranks.

Some Caller ID Spoofing Apps:-

1. Fake Caller Free:-

Fake Caller Free Was Invented with The Motive Of Doing Pranks With Friends and Relatives But The Developer was Doesn’t Know Anything About The Dark Side Of Internet. The Developer Developed This App For simulate fake calls, SMS or MMS. In This App You can choose the identity of the fake caller or SMS sender. You Can Also Use This App For Recording Voice and Using Them As Part Of The Call’s Audio.

2. Spoof My Call:-

This App Was Also Developed With The Motive Of Doing Pranks but The Dark Side Of The World Of Internet Started This App For Doing Frauds. In This App You Can Call Anyone With Anyone’s Caller id Or Anonymously. In This App Spoofers can add custom background noises to make the Call more realistic, The Spoofer Can Change His/Her Voice For Not Directing Himself/Herself.

3. Fake Call:-

Again, This App Was Also Developed With The Motive Of Doing Pranks But Today’s Time Is Changed. In This App Spoofer Can Spoof The Call With Anyone’s Caller ID or Phone Number, Spoofer Can Schedule The Spoof Calls! Spoofer Can Record The Voice For Incoming Calls.


We Are Not Providing Links Of Any Spoofing Apps! We Are Here For Spread Tech Related Stuffs And App Development Knowledges. You Can Make Google To Do It If You Are Interested On Using This App! However, I’m Not Responsible For Any Kind Of Your Loss. I wroted This App For Awaring from spoof Apps.

How To Be Aware From Spoofing Apps?

Your Safety Is Your Responsibility And Awaring From This Is My Responsibility. Whenever You Receive Someone’s Call Asking For Any Credentials Don’t Gave Then Even If He/She Is On Your Contact List. Make Sure The Voice Of The Caller Is Not Computer Generated. You Can Do A Police Complain If Spoofer Is Calling From Your Called ID or Your Phone Number. Kindly Don’t Ignore This! You May Will Come In Trouble.

Last Day On Earth Mod

That’s All Guys. I hope You May Liked Our Post Of Be Aware From Spoofing Apps. I Know This Was Not any App Development Related or Tech Related post But Spoofing Is Grewing Up Rapidly.

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