64-bit App Support From August 2019

PlayStore 64-bit warning.

what is play store 64-bit support?

Hello And Welcome Guys To Our An Another Fresh Post Of PlayStore 64-bit Support. This Post, I’m Going To Explain about, why 64-bit Apps, How you can Compile 64-bit Apps in Android Studio and what about 64-bit apps in kodular or Thunkable. You Must Read This Complete Article For Better Understanding About It. So, Without Wasting Any More Single Second Let’s Get Started.

Why 64-bit Apps.

Google now taking Android security very seriously. To secure a high level of security and performance among Android apps. From August 2019, all applications in the Google Play Store will need to be 64-bit. After August 2019 play store will only allow 64-bit Apps. After which, 32-bit bit applications will be not available on Play store. According to Google, changes are being made to help the apps become safer as the Android platform itself. Apple has already taken this step now Google is Following this to secure Android platform. According to Google 64-bit code offers much better execution, and says in future Android devices will maintain the 64-bit code only.

How you can Compile 64-bit Apps in Android Studio.

This change only affects that apps who use “native code“, ie who is not written in Java or Kotlin. This for those who developing Apps via native code (Like in C or C++) using the Android NDK. If you using a third-party library that has native code. Then You have to change your Code.
If your app is out and out, in java or kotlin you don’t have to do anything. Those changes are related to native C/C++ libraries.

what about 64-bit apps in kodular or Thunkable.

Kodular & Thunkabble already Added 64bit support for apps. You can also Check Kodular Community regarding 64-bit support. Kodular CTO Diego, already Discussed on Community regarding this 64-bit Support on the Play store.
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